Elder Care Legal Solutions

From an Attorney Who Can Relate to You

Whether it’s you or someone you love who is faced with the overwhelming care and financial decisions related to aging, physical decline, accident or death, no doubt you have more questions than answers.

Attorney Jay Seeger has been where you are, personally, within his own family—giving him a unique appreciation for your concerns that, combined with his knowledge of elder law, gives you a greater peace of mind.

Whether or not you find answers to your questions here online, don’t hesitate to contact and consult Seeger & Forbes to discuss your unique situation. There is a solution to ease your mind.

Elder Law Is a Broad Brush Stroke

It usually involves seniors, but not categorically. In fact, in the area of estate planning, wills and trusts, it arguably makes more sense for younger adults to seek legal counsel.

And for other areas of elder law, it isn’t about age as much as it is about facing decisions or actions revolving around the legal, financial or healthcare concerns of a loved one facing decline, be it related to:

• Parkinson’s

• Alzheimer’s

• Multiple sclerosis (MS)

• Veterans assistance

• Mental illness

• An accident that causes sudden disability

—or some other physical or mental condition.

Elder Law FAQs

Should I have a will? If so, when?

elder_law_wills_estate_planMost likely you should—
but as part of a broader, smarter plan that should begin earlier than you would think.

Wills/Estate Planning

A loved one has passed away. What do I do with the house, the life left behind?

elder_law_estate_adminDon’t feel overwhelmed. The process can be much easier than it appears.

Estate Administration

What will happen if I can no longer make decisions for myself?

elder_law_incapacity_planAsking this question is the first step—because now you know you have to prepare. And you can.

Incapacity Planning

Mom is losing her faculties. I’m afraid she’s endangering herself. What do I do?

Senior StruggleActing quickly is important. But more important is taking the right legal steps.


A nursing home? How can we possibly pay for that?

elder_law_longterm_careDon’t worry. No one’s going to lose their house. There are benefits available to help you cover the cost.

Long-Term Care

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