Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney

Planning is not just for the elderly or the wealthy.

And, frankly, that is only the first change of perspective you must have to really understand the value and purpose of planning.

Whether you are retired and on Social Security or a young couple with a family, a sound plan provides you and your family with the peace of mind and protection that you deserve. Who is going to pay your bills if you are no longer physically able to sign a check? Who is going to raise your children if you are not there? Are these the types of decisions that you want to make or do you want someone else to make them for you?

Contact attorney Jay Seeger to find out more about what a good plan should cover.

With Jay’s professional insight, dedicated to these very specific aspects of law, you can have a plan for a more fulfilling life now, while simultaneously securing against unforeseen circumstances later.

Plus, as your attorney, Jay is always available to update your estate plan as your life changes, making it a “life” plan—a living document.

Why Plan?

• A thorough plan lets you decide. Not the legislature, not the courts, but you get to decide what you think should happen. A complete plan should be more than just a will that says what happens to your possessions after you have died. It should say how you want to live and who you want to have help you if the time comes when you need some assistance.

• A sound plan is critical to eliminating unnecessary administration and court costs, legal fees, property taxes and, most importantly, legal wrangling so often known to tear families apart.

• A comprehensive plan leaves nothing to interpretation and no question unanswered, relieving your loved ones of any undue stress, particularly at the time of your passing when they are least prepared to handle it.

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