Long-Term Care

Covering Nursing Home or Other Medical Expenses

When your spouse, parent or some other elder loved one has an unexpected misfortune that places him or her into a nursing home or long-term care situation, the stress on you and other family members is magnified many times over.

That’s because, on top of your loved one’s health concern, you’re suddenly burdened with worries about covering the indefinite cost of this care. Well . . .

Don’t worry. Benefits are available.

Inevitably, one of the earliest and most pressing thoughts running through your mind is, “We’re going to lose the house. We’re going to lose everything.”

But if you consult Greater Georgia elder law attorney Jay Seeger, you’ll find there is no reason to fear.

Not only are there benefits available to couples faced with this dilemma, but with his unique background Jay can help get your loved one the care he or she needs while still making sure that the spouse at home will not need to worry about their own bills and living expenses.

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