Social Security Disability Is a Maze.

And the Attorney You Choose, Matters.

It may not seem right, but the Social Security Administration denies about 70 to 75 percent of all initial claims.

Why? Because the process is complex and requires proper case development and presentation. Most individuals are simply not prepared to do this and thus get lost in the “maze” of rules and regulations.

That’s why, if you’re denied, you shouldn’t give up. But, more importantly, you shouldn’t proceed without a lawyer who is experienced in Social Security Disability claims.

If you go it alone or are not highly selective of your attorney, the odds are heavily stacked against you. Worse, if your case is mishandled, it can set you back further.

Look at It This Way

It’s not about one lawyer being smarter than another. It’s about entrusting your case to a Social Security Disability attorney, just like you would entrust your heart condition to a cardiologist and not a neurosurgeon. It’s the best decision for the most desirable outcome.

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